Monday, May 14, 2012

Tundra animal

There all kinds of tundra animals like seals, artic foxs and polar bears. What im going to be talking about today is the polar bear. The polar bear adapts very well to the tundra enviorment, its blubber is about 4.5 niches thick and they can handle tempatures -34 degress. The polar bear eats Artic foxs and ducks but they mostly eat is ringed seal because the polar bear is a predator. The polar bear is andangered species people hunt these polar bears for there fur.The major cause of death for young polar bears is starvation.

Tundra yellow flower

The tundra yellow flower are rare because very few grow in tundras. The yellow flower are very hard to kill in storms because the plants can survive the weather storms with winds 25 miles per hour , they grow slowly becuase not much soil where the snow is but the soil in the snow makes the plant lack nutrients which makes the plants tempature at 15 degress.

My last biome is Tundra

My last biome i would like to talk about is tundra. The tundra biome is at the top of the world mostly near the north pole. I have traveled to enviorment that is tundra which is Alaska. In enviorments like Alaska has extremly cold climates and low biotic diversity-Not to menchine that tundra is the coldest biome. Tundra enviorments has simple vegetation structure & energy and nutrients in the form of dead organic material. Tundra is in the high moutains all around the world.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


This is the last biome i would like to talk about is grasslands. Grassland biomes are mostly about to-20°C to 30°C.Grasslands are found everywhere Except Antarctica. Every year there about 500 to 900 mm of rain.About a fifth of the earth is made of grassland biome.  

Streams and rivers

The next biome i would like to talk about is the the Streams and rivers biome. First of all streams and lakes can be found most places. The may start from headwaters, spring water in other words. Another way is the ocean where the lakes and rivers get there water from. When water is traveling from the ocean or natural spring waters on the journey the water would be more cleaner then what it is Before and the water would be much cooler also. When water is this clean, Fish and other living organisms are required less oxygen in water.


The third i would to talk about is the the desert biome. Now any desert covers about a fifth of the earths surface and occur where rainfall is less than 50 cm/yr but most deserts like the north Africa and the deserts southwestern U.S. In deserts the climate and temperature is very hot and dry in that type of environment.Soils often have abundant nutrients because they need only water to become very productive and have little or no organic matter. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

The tropical rainforest

The second biome i would like to introduce is the Tropical rain forest biome. The climate in the tropical rain forest is very warm and wet, the normal temperature 20 C, there never any frost ,water falls varies widely from a low about 250 C of rain per year to 450 C. Since it is a tropical rain forest there are also animals that live in here such as the gorilla, the sloth and the spiderrmokey. These species are mostly of the rain forest.